I am not a writer.

12 Sep

But every now and then, my thoughts feel, for lack of a better word “Profound.”

I stay up late tonight because my mind reels with now. So I will just sit here and sip my hot tea, that ive had close seven cups of today. It keeps me from snacking when I’m here at home with my daughter. I wasn’t alone today, Regina came by and we continued our “figuring” of the crazy situation that even though I am a part of just by living here in this house, that I some how don’t really feel a part of. I don’t want to be a part of this. Any of it. I’ve never felt so free and yet so trapped in my whole life. I’ve had my days of thinking I forgot how to breathe, but I feel so much stronger from getting over them. If only others could learn the lessons I’ve learned that makes getting over the bad, that much easier of a process. Because really, in the long run, every single day, is one day closer to the day you die. Then who knows. I don’t want to waste another minute of my life dwelling on the things that went wrong. Yes, memories happen, and it’s ok to spend some time with them every now and then. The past though, is whee they need to stay. I really, truly believe that my life has been happier since the day I realized this. I’ve loved and lost, and I will love and loose again. But it won’t stop the world, because the world stops for no one.

Yes this is all very unoriginal, but it feels good to share that this is how I feel.

Perhaps at some point, I know that my ramblings will continue. But that’s it for my night.